Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 24: Hoekom? | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira


Sylvia and Hein have sex. Afterwards, Sylvia tells Hein that someone who was at the club that night told her what happened (this is a lie). Hein then tells her that he was the one who put marijuana in her handbag at the club. He says that he couldn’t afford to be caught with drugs again - you get a criminal record on your second offence. Once Sylvia gets Hein’s confession, she says that he needs to leave - Sylvia recorded their interaction on a recorder a detective gave her. Sylvia is distraught about lying to Hein and destroying his life. Matthew then enters and says that they’re going to catch Hein for the credit card fraud anyway - Hein destroyed his own life. Sylvia notes that Matthew’s speech no longer sounds funny. Matthew and Sylvia walk out together. 

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