Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 8: Dis eintlik onmoontlik | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira

Dis eintlik onmoontlik

Sylvia returns home in the afternoon. She sees Fransie watching TV - he has a sinus infection. Sylvia’s mom tells her that she didn’t sell any cars that day - she was going to but then another man, Patrick, got her deal whilst she was on lunch break. Sylvia points out that her mom did well when she sold makeup and suggests that she tries again, to no avail. Sylvia’s mom then says that she met one of her school friends - an insurance broker. She then, passive-aggressively, says that you have to have matric to do that job. This is one of the many points in this story where Sylvia’s mom displays tangible disappointment to her daughter. Sylvia also got rejected from a rural school in this chapter. As Sylvia walks away to change into her waitress uniform, her mother randomly says that Sylvia’s dad was a medical doctor. This is the first point that the reader and Sylvia hear anything about her dad. Sylvia is shocked and speaks with her mom, away from Fransie. Sylvia’s mom tells her that she met her dad on holiday and their relationship was only a “holiday fling”. Her mom didn’t contact her dad because she didn’t want to ruin his life, as he wanted to specialise. After this, Sylvia’s mom points out that Sylvia had great potential and now her fait is uncertain. Sylvia’s mind begins to spin after all this information. In her thoughts we discover that Sylvia looks like her mom, that her conception was completely unplanned and that her mother was exceptionally young when she gave birth to her (17) - Sylvia says, “I was born between my mother and her matric certificate”. At the end of the chapter, we learn more about Schalk. He was one of Sylvia’s mom’s better boyfriends. He used to buy expensive stuff for the family and was helpful around the house but just vanished one day. 

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