Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 3: Mens Leer Vinnig | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira

Mens Leer Vinnig

We are introduced to a new location, the Plaaskombuis (a restaurant). The restaurant is run by a deaf man, Matthew — Sylvia doesn’t really like him as he’s quite a strange character. Sylvia says that Matthew doesn’t really deserve to be a restaurant manager and is in the position because his cousin owns the place. The food isn’t too great — this is deduced from when Matthew lists the specials — and the service isn’t perfect either — this is seen when Sylvia points out a lipstick stain on a glass on a table. Sylvia works alone on Mondays, with Matthew on Sundays, has Thursdays off and spends the rest of the evenings with two other waiters — Hein and Piet. A girl has temporarily been replacing Hein for the last two weeks. Hein helped Sylvia in an incident where she spilt food on a man she was serving — the man put his hand on her leg. This chapter also reveals that Sylvia was suspended at school.

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