Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 18: Probeer net verstaan | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira

Probeer net verstaan

Fransie is stripped, sedated and admitted into intensive care - Sylvia waits outside the operating room. Sylvia messages her mom to not go home but rather come to the hospital immediately. Sylvia forgot about her shift at the Plaaskombuis but Matthew understands the situation and excuses her. After a while, a nurse tells Sylvia that everything went well. Sylvia sees that Fransie’s hands are tied to the bed - so that he doesn’t pull out the drip in his arm. He looks weak. Sylvia's mom (Elzahn) then arrives at the hospital - she’s panicked, justifiably. When Doctor Fourie meets Elzahn, Sylvia notices that he pauses before speaking to her - almost as if they knew each other - but disregards this because men usually take longer looks at her mother. Elzahn takes Sylvia outside to talk to her. In this conversation, we learn that Elzahn smokes and is not close to her mother (Sylvia’s grandmother). Sylvia also asks her mom why she was named “Guinevere”. Elzahn says that she liked the name from a musical her school performed, the year Sylvia was born. Guinevere was not a nice person in the play and cheated on King Arthur - Elzahn strongly defends Guinevere, interestingly. At the end of the chapter, Sylvia sees that she has two missed calls from Hein and sends him a message. 

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