Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 11: 'n Regte storie | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira

‘n Regte storie

Sylvia arrives at the retirement centre early to visit Mrs Breed. When she gets to Mrs Breed’s room, Mrs Breed has already changed (into fancy attire), made her bed and is looking at a photo album. Mrs Breed shows Sylvia some of the photos from the album. Sylvia learns that Mrs Breed had 3 children: 2 boys and 1 girl. She also learns that Sarel was 40 when he died. Mrs Breed now wants to show Sylvia photos from when she was a child (she was one of ten children). During this, we see many more signs of Mrs Breed’s failing memory. Mrs Breed is also strangely jittery. Sylvia then takes Mrs Breed for breakfast. On their way to the hall, Mrs Breed says that her daughter is coming today - Sylvia is saddened hearing this. Sister Pretorius then sees Sylvia and tells her that she needs to clean apartment 33 - the tenant has died. Hein sends Sylvia a photo of him in swim-shorts and Sylvia likes it. 

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