Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 9: Maar ek kla nie | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira

Maar ek kla nie

The previous night, Sylvia was at the Plaaskombuis and saw Piet, Matthew and Matthew’s goth friend. Sylvia found it interesting that there would be a goth person at Matthew’s bridge club. Sylvia goes to work at the retirement home. She is met by Sister Pretorius and has to do kitchen and floor work. Whilst she’s in the kitchen, she notes that the food is terrible. Sylvia is happy that she’s busy today because it takes her mind off how little money she has, her father, her school and medical school. She then notices that Mrs Breed is not around. She asks Sister Pretorius where Mrs Breed is and in this conversation, discovers that Mrs Breed doesn’t have a daughter. Mrs Breed told Sylvia that her daughter would often take her to the Koffieboon. Sylvia goes outside for some fresh air and, to her astonishment, sees Matthew (at the retirement home). Matthew has come with a big envelope of applications - to all the medical schools in South Africa. Matthew and Sylvia run through the general requirements of the application and all seems well. However, Sylvia then breaks out and says that it’s ridiculous how you can’t celebrate your boyfriend’s twenty-first if you’re only two months younger than 18. She also says that she and Hein went to “the place” twice to ask if anyone had seen anything, and no one had. The bus bringing the elders back from the shops then arrived and ended the conversation (Mrs Breed was on the bus). Sylvia watched Matthew walk away and noticed that he has quite broad shoulders. She says that she’ll throw the forms away at home. 

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