Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 10: Een, twee, een-twee-drie | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira

Een, twee, een-twee-drie

Sylvia arrives home and gets a call from Hein. She is ecstatic. She describes talking to Hein as a type of medicine - when she speaks to him, she doesn’t feel like a disappointment; instead, she feels wanted and valued. From their conversation, we learn that Sylvia is now 18. There are still problems with her phone but now she and Hein can talk more often or at least use MXit. She hangs up as Fransie and her mom arrive. Fransie is sick and it’ll be a problem if he becomes too sick for daycare. Sylvia then notices that her mom is dressed differently - more understated. Her mother has loose pants on, a soft lipstick and her nails only have one layer of see-through polish. Her mother says that she was at Sylvia’s school asking the principal to give Sylvia another chance - and she was unsuccessful. Sylvia says that her mother complains consistently about some topics: that night in the club, the school problem, their limited money, people who don’t buy cars and how Sylvia is in a serious relationship (she is too young). Sylvia interrupts her mother’s complaining by asking her if she knows how to dance; the answer is yes, and Sylvia asks her mom to teach her. Her mom teaches her the basics and they dance together. They fall to the floor almost immediately and laugh for a long time. On the second attempt, they dance successfully. Sylvia’s mom also had some success telemarketing this evening. 

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