Tot Siens, Koning Arthur | Chapter 22: Wat kan jy doen? | English Summary

Tot Siens, Koning Arthur deur Annelie Ferreira

Wat kan jy doen?

When Sylvia arrives at Mrs Breed’s room, there’s a scene. The staff at the home are unsure how to treat her and want to sedate her - Sylvia asks them to give her a chance. Mrs Breed looks scared and is trying to hide by the cupboard. The staff at the home think she is having a panic attack. Sylvia tries to calm her down. Mrs Breed seems to be having a mental episode - she says, “Dad said Hannie, make sure that Engela does not come near the river… Dad went to the town...Get uncle Karre!” To try and calm her down, Sylvia plays along with what Mrs Breed is saying - she says that Uncle Karre is on his way and that Engela is fine. Mrs Breed calms down and there is no need to sedate her anymore. Sylvia and some staff take Mrs Breed to breakfast. Sylvia feels weird - as if she was in a dream. Sister Pretorius speaks to Sylvia at the dining hall. Sylvia was expecting Sister Pretorius to be angry at her but instead, Sister Pretorius is impressed with her. Sylvia is then excused by Sister Pretorius and allowed to go and tend to Fransie. On her way back, Sylvia stops at the club where she was arrested. 

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