Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 22 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 22 Summary

Upon searching Barries for marijuana, the police find none. It turns out that these individuals were sent by Paul to keep an eye on Barries for his departure and they were just playing around. Barries finally embarks on his journey back home; however, his departure was delayed by an hour. Nico makes an appearance at the station and they have a brief chat. Barries thinks her smile and eyes are too soft and kind for work in the police force. Once he gets back to Johannesburg, Barries visits his mother in hospital. She is unable to speak; however, she can listen and understand. After visiting his mother, he heads back to their apartment, where he takes a call from an unknown number. It turns out to be Eunice du Toit, the pretty daughter of the du Toit family – Jonah’s real owners. They have a very pleasant conversation and Barries asks if it is okay if he calls her from time to time. She accepts. Barries then takes the car and heads over to visit Lizette; however, he arrives at the gate and her mother refuses to open for him. Soon after, the green Opel Kadette pulls up to the driveway and out come Theo and Lizette, who are now in a relationship. Having seen it coming, Barries heads home and when he arrives at his front door, he finds none other than Olga waiting for him.

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