Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 16 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 16 Summary

Barries decides to sort out the situation himself and takes Paul’s Izuzu. What he doesn’t realise is just how difficult it is to drive the car. It stalls several times and when he eventually gets it onto the road, it struggles for a bit, even completely dying on the road. While the car is motionless, Barries gets a call from Nico with bad news: the traffic cop lost his life. To make things worse, the man’s wife is now expecting their third child. Realising how distracted he had been, Barries finds himself in a compromised situation emotionally as the truth about the entire situation truly dawns on him and he finally feels guilty for the events of that night. He eventually starts the car up again and arrives at Dr Hakinin’s practice. She surmises that he merely had too much exercise and will be fine, although the dog’s haemophilia treatment will be a heavy financial undertaking, among other things. She teaches Barries basic care for the dog and also reveals something interesting: the R2000 owed from the last time had already been paid – Paul settled the bill.

Arriving back at the house with the Izuzu beat up from his frantic driving, Barries sees Paul waiting for him, drinking a mug of coffee. He asks why Barries went alone and Barries explains the entire situation with him being unable to reach Paul at that point in time. Barries apologises for the damage to the car and promises to pay it back in addition to the R2000 for the vet, but Paul sees this exercise as merely an effort by Barries to appear better put-together than he actually is. Fillie makes a return, claiming that he gave back the clothing that he stole and also put the bags on the veranda. After teasing Barries for a bit, Fillie offers to show Barries where he lives, in case Barries is interested. Barries has a conversation over the phone with his mother over the new developments about the traffic cop and for the first time ever, we see Barries express remorse over the situation. Suspicious of Fillie, Paul brings out his 9mm pistol, teaching Barries how to use the weapon should the need ever arise. Barries explains that Fillie was just there to return the bags. When Barries opens up the bags later, the unmistakable smell of marijuana makes contact with his nose.

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