Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 17 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 17 Summary

Going for a walk with Jonah, Barries encounters Fillie again. He thanks Fillie for returning his clothing but warns him that Paul will shoot him if he sees him on the property, especially since Paul has been having money go missing lately. The two hang out for a while and Barries learns some interesting things, like how to hold a crab without getting caught by its pincers. Barries, Fillie and Jonah end up swimming together in a small pool and later Olga makes an appearance to join them, however, Fillie leaves them alone together. The two continue with their flirtatious relationship and eventually, they kiss. They head back to the house, where Paul and Stef have been hard at work with the generator.

Stef asks where they were for so long, and Olga covers for them. They sit around a fire and have a conversation about the unfortunate news Barries heard about the traffic cop. Barries heads into Paul’s office and fiddles with a few images. Olga walks in behind him saying that he should do an artwork of her sometime. After a while, Stef is passed out near the fire and Paul is nowhere to be seen. Barries sneaks into Olga’s room and climbs into her bed. She wakes up, saying that he is playing with fire. Things get very tense when Paul catches Barries in the act, asking him what exactly he’s doing in Olga’s bedroom – Barries sends that very same question back.

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