Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 21 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 21 Summary

Fillie offers to take the dog and hide him; however, Barries simply gives in and meets the family who own the dog, named Bart, also based on biblical allegory. Dr Jassie du Toit and his family owned Bart, who is their daughter Eunice’s guide dog. After they began searching for their dog, they were contacted by Dr Hakinin, who sent them Paul Barnard’s address. The family are often in the area for December holidays, so Barries could very realistically visit the dog every so often; however, Barries is convinced that he does not want to return. The family were told all about Barries' determination to save his life, so they wrote out a cheque to him in order to pay him back for all the financial damage. Barries initially refuses to accept their money, but the du Toit’s are insistent. When they finally leave, there is nothing left for Barries to do except pack for his return to Johannesburg. He finds the remaining rat poison in his pocket and considers emptying it into Paul’s remaining liquor; however, he reconsiders and flushes it down the toilet instead.

The next morning, Barries is taken to the bus station, where he and Paul have a final discussion. It is here when Barries admits that he poisoned Paul. After Paul drives away, Barries attempts to buy some marijuana and is promptly busted by the police, who search him for possession.

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