Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 15 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 15 Summary

Olga and Stef had left together in the beach buggy, so things were concerning when she came back alone with her eyes teary. Stef had locked himself away and this caused a lot of stress for Olga. Paul tells Barries to prepare a mug of coffee for her and to keep her company. He offers her some pain killers but she has already taken a few. They get rather intimate as she asks him if he could hold her close to himself for a bit. While she rests her head on his chest, Barries asks Olga if Stef is generally violent towards her to which she responds that he has some bitter regrets that have rendered him depressed. She and him met in the Donkin, a psychiatric facility in Port Elizabeth. Barries asks her why such an old man who is old enough to be her father, but she doesn’t answer the question and turns the attention onto Barries, asking him if he has a girlfriend. Barries tells the truth about Lizette, saying that he doesn’t think it is working out all too well. She asks if they have slept together before and Barries lies, saying that they have. Olga becomes instantly interested in becoming sexually satiated, but as the excitement builds for Barries, Olga tells him that her head is feeling rather light and she would like to take a nap, if he doesn’t mind.

After a short while, he shakes her awake because he hears someone coming. Stef hops out of the beach buggy and Paul asks why Barries never told them the truth about the first time he met Olga. Barries opts to take a walk with his dog and everything seems fine until afterwards, when Jonah’s movements become more sluggish and blood begins to run from his mouth. Panicked, Barries tries to call Paul for help but Paul is passed out on his bed with the bottle from earlier half empty. He breaks his guitar in an effort to make noise and gain someone’s attention, but no one ever arrives.

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