Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 10 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 10 Summary

Barries spends a bit of time on the beach, watching the waves form a foam in the water as they crashed upon the shore. He sees a teen nearby wearing a pair of jeans that they cuffed at the ankles, and a denim jacket with the peace symbol on the back and instantly recognises the clothes as his own. Barries tries to shout and stop the teen in order to get his clothing back but quickly loses him amongst the rocks. Barries realises that he has gone quite a distance away from the house, but his curiosity lets him explore for a while longer. He comes across Olga, the woman from the paintings in the house, while she was sunbathing but ended up just staring at her until she notices his gaze and screams “Peeping tom!” A stunned Barries hides away from view for a few seconds and when he looks over the rocks to see where Olga is, she had completely disappeared.


He heads back to the house, where he finds Paul and Stef, and to his surprise, Olga too on a tanning bed. Stef introduces Olga, who teasingly quips that she has met him before, scaring Barries a little because he was concerned she’d tell Stef about how he saw her at the rocks. Stef asks her what she was wearing and replies “The same thing I’m wearing now” in reference to her rainbow-coloured bikini. Barries couldn’t help but notice the fear in her voice. Paul, on the other hand, announces that he managed to get Barries a cell phone, and got his SIM card from Sergeant Schreuder. They also have power now, thanks to the generator which is up and running. According to Barries, it sounds like an upset stomach. Stef tells Barries that the luggage they left behind at the rocks has gone missing, possibly taken by passers-by. He asks what Barries was looking for in those parts and Barries explains that he was keen to find his belongings and even caught a glimpse of a child wearing his clothing.

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