Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 14 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 14 Summary

Paul is in his office working with his bottle of brandy keeping him company. Feeling a little guilty about the poison, Barries tells Paul to stop drinking from that bottle altogether but Paul sees it as concern over his recovering alcoholism and not something else entirely. Paul is feeling some of the effects; however. Barries tells his mother that he knows about Paul’s time in prison and she tells him that the lies were in place to protect him from the cruelty of other children. Barries mentions Fillie Booysen to Paul, who tells him that the Booysens are very old residents of the area. He warns Barries against his hostile attitude towards Fillie because the homeless people in the area have grown up under incredibly rough conditions.

Dr Hakinin calls to let Barries know that Jonah is critical but stable, but the continued treatment is proving to be very expensive. She suggests that he be around people as his lack of human contact may have stunted his recovery efforts. Barries and Olga have a conversation and end up in Barries' room where they chat about drugs, something they have in common, as well as various other things. It becomes apparent; however, that Stef is physically abusive with Olga; however, she does not want to get into it. When Stef and Paul’s voices approach, the two quickly vacate Barries' room. Paul notes that he is experiencing stomach pains, possibly a reaction to the poison Barries put into the drink. Barries talks to Olga about Paul’s murder case and she is aware of it all. Barries' mother reveals that there has been another set back regarding the traffic officer in ICU.

Paul heads to town on his own to do some shopping and returns with Jonah, as Dr Hakinin called in while he as in the area. Barries notes that she may have a little crush on Paul but he dismisses it. He tells Barries about the fact that Stef is starting to dislike the closeness developing between himself and Olga.

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