Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 19 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 19 Summary

Christmas day. Barries first spends a bit of time with Fillie, happy to see that he and his family are still there. After spending some time in Fillie’s home, Barries and Jonah head over to Stef’s place, where Olga is waiting expectantly for Barries. After a brief conversation, the two get sexual, but before they get too far, they hear the sound of the beach buggy pulling up and Stef calls out from the doorway. Olga hides Barras under the bed, saying that when the opportunity arises, he should run. Stef brings with him some terrible news: Barras’s mother was stabbed in the neck and is in a critical condition in hospital, with low chances of survival.

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