Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 1 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 1 Summary (EEN)

Time: Barries’ Birthday | Place: Aunt Vera’s house, Houghton

Barries wants to give his dad rat poison because he was a terrible person — he abandoned Barries 11 years ago, used to beat him with a belt (when Barries was 5) and was an alcoholic. His dad has been calling regularly for the last month and invited Barries to visit him on one of the years. His mom is adamant on giving his dad a second chance but Barries has other ideas. He says that he will only be happy when he sees Paul Barnard (his dad) writhing in pain and, only then, can he return home.

Barries’ life is in a bad state — his marks are bad, he’s been dropped from first team cricket and he seems to be addicted to marijuana. However, he does have a good relationship with his girlfriend, Lizette. They have a very sexually intense connection and, in this chapter, Lizette promises to have sex with Barries. He also has a healthy connection with his gorgeous mother, Aunt Vera.

Theo and Floris are two other characters which we see in this chapter. Barries refers to them as “The Blond Brothers” with Theo being the legal and attractive one. Theo is really good with the ladies and Barries fears that he will seduce his mother and his girlfriend.

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