Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 20 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 20 Summary

Hearing this while in the compromising situation he was in was difficult for Barries, but things got dangerous for him, Olga and even for Jonah when Barries' phone rang and Stef finally caught Olga and Barries in the act. In his anger, Stef reveals his feelings of jealousy towards Barries for the way Paul treats him, occasionally taking Barries' side more than he does Stef’s. Stef also revealed some disturbing news: Paul Barnard is not Barries' father, rather, Barries' actual father was a rapist who assaulted his mother He decided to get his harpoon, threatening to shoot Barries with it, but the situation spills over to Jonah the dog when he arrives at the doorstep with the lifeless body of one of Stef’s chickens. Struggling to protect the dog from Stef’s indignant desire to perforate him, Barries is saved by Fillie Booysen.  

Fillie disarms Stef, giving Barries enough time to head back to Paul’s place. It is there where he and Paul finally have the conversation they were avoiding and the truth comes out. Paul only found out when Barries was five that a terrible thing had happened to Vera. He searched for the man responsible and beat him to death; however, having taken away Barries' actual father, Paul could not bring himself to assume fatherhood in Barries' life anymore. An accessory to the murder was none other than Paul’s friend, Stef Jonker. The two of them cry, releasing a lot of pent-up emotion and frustrations.

On the other side of things, Fillie appears to let Barries know that Jonah’s initial owners have made an appearance and they’ve come to take him back. Barries now notifies Fillie about the situation with his mother and his desire to head back to Johannesburg. Fillie asks if he’ll ever see Barries again and Barries says no.

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