Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 13 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 13 Summary

They take the dog to the vet in Humansdorp, where Paul also plans to take Barries to the hospital. When they arrive at the vet, they meet the Dr, Dr Makinin, who explains that the dog sustained several internal injuries and spent hours in the cold water. She says the dog is lucky to be alive at all. On treatment, she explains that it could cost up to R6000 and there is no guarantee that the dog will survive afterwards, but Barries is adamant on saving the dog’s life. He withdraws some of his own money and pawns a few things to come up with the R2000 they need up front for the treatment to commence. Later, Barries contacts his mother and tells her about the situation, and she thinks the entire idea is half-cooked, especially for a dog he doesn’t even know.

He gets a response from Nico from the last text and she says she’s thinking about him and wishing him the best, in addition to revealing that the pastry she had together with him caused her problems too. Barries tries to call Lizette but she is unavailable, so he tries to call Floris instead. The phone is answered by Floris’s father, who explains that he does not want Barries talking to his son. He also attempts to sway Barries away from testifying against Theo, citing his father’s history as a convicted murderer. After the call, Barries is shaken by what he has heard.

The teen who stole Barries' clothing appears to him, claiming that his father told him to apologise. However, the teen, Fillie Booysen, is not too keen on apologising and even explains that he didn’t attempt to help Barries when he was drowning because he didn’t want to end up drowning as well. Clearly far from repentant about his actions, Fillie claims he found the clothes strewn across the ground but Barries maintains that they were all in his bag.

Shaken to the core, Barries immediately unloads on Paul about what he heard from Floris’s father surrounding the case of the man Paul beat to death. It turns out that the main reason for Paul’s absence from his life is because he was in jail for four years. The incident explains Paul’s vegetarian position and his avoidance of killing in any context. Frustrated by Paul’s avoidance of the topic, Barries goes to his room, takes two pain killers and climbs into bed, screaming his annoyance into the bedding. Meanwhile, the bottle of brandy that was in the hole in Paul’s mattress is no longer there.

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