Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 11 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 11 Summary

Happy to finally have some semblance of freedom in the form of his cell phone, Barries is a little disappointed at the lack of signal. However, he was told exactly where to go to get a few bars of signal. He mentions the homeless child who has his clothing to Paul and picks up a few rocks with the claim that he will use them against the kid. Paul questions Barries' throwing ability and challenges him. Barries notes that he is the school’s top bowler and could throw quite the distance. Naturally, Paul one-ups him in this exercise. While they’re doing this, Barries decides to ask why Paul and Vera, Barries' mother, got a divorce. Paul dodges the question by saying that when the time is right, he and Barries will have a proper chat. Angry, Barries hits the rock their standing on with one of the throwing stones, injuring his hand. Olga steps in to help with the first aid and while she is doing so, Barries apologises for the incident at the rocks. They wrap his wound and give him pink tablets to drink – painkillers. He quietly rolls out of bed, puts on his slippers and heads outside at around midnight. While trying to secure a bit of reception, Barries hears a familiar sound in the distance. Upon closer inspection, it sounds like a dog in grave danger. When he finds it, he realises that the dog is stuck in the rocks with each wave bringing a substantial amount of water over the dog’s head. Barries heads into the cold deep in an attempt to help but struggles to get the dog free. He notices a light flashing on the rocks nearby and tries to call for help, but the light very quickly disappears. The situation becomes very grave when Barries finds himself being taken by the current and he slips off into the water. Then everything fades to black.

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