Asem deur Jan Vermeulen | Chapter 7 | English Summary

Asem deur Jan Vermeulen

Chapter 7 Summary

The man introduces himself as Stef Jonker, an individual sent to fetch Barries from the station. After introducing himself and chatting briefly with both Barries and Nico, Jonker loads Barries’s luggage onto the buggy. Barries says goodbye to Nico, commenting that he wishes that she could come with them. She gives him her card and says that he should call her whenever he needs her, and a second card with a number she says he should call should he encounter any trouble with his father and his historical tendencies. Barries and Jonker leave in the buggy, heading for Cape St. Francis. On the way, Barries realises that he does not have his iPod and his earphones anymore, so he demands that Jonker turn the buggy around so he can get them; however, Jonker retorts that he has orders to follow, which do not involve turning back. Barries demands Jonker’s cell phone so he can contact Nico but Jonker denies him this too, again citing his orders. Barries snaps and exclaims “Fuck your orders!”, which greatly angers Jonker.


Later, while pointing out some marine life to Barries, Jonker reveals that he has a harpoon that he uses on some of the local marine life. At some point on their journey, the buggy’s engine gives out, so Barries has to step out and push the vehicle, which fails to get the buggy started again. Jonker mentions that they will have to take the luggage on foot for a bit, but leave some behind near some rocks so they can fetch it later. With an unsuccessful pushing attempt out of the way, Barries explains that his stomach is acting up. Jonker hands him toilet paper and tells him to find a good tree. Jonker also reveals his chagrin at Barries’s poor perception of Paul Barnard, citing him to be a “gentleman”. He tells Barries that Paul has achieved a lot and he will not let Barries stand in the way of that. Jonker reveals that he and Paul Barnard go way back and know each other very well.

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