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Moral Dilemmas Created by the German State in Fatherland - A literature essay

Literature Essay of 250 - 300 words. — 251 Words

The German Reich is responsible for the majority of the conflict and unhappiness in the people of Germany. This is portrayed through the character Xavier March. At almost every ethical and moral decision there are two options - obey the government or face the consequences. Due to this, March faces a lot of unhappiness in his life, particularly with his family and his status at work.

March’s divorce and his relationship with Pili are of a poor quality and this can be linked to March’s beliefs compared to those of his family. March has the ability to see through the propaganda of the government, and sees Germany for what Germany really is. His family, however, are a prime example of the result of propaganda. March has no passion for the government whilst his son and wife do. This heavy contrast can be seen in March’s relationship with his son. Pili has no actual interest in his father when he sees him, but has his complete attention focused on a boring ride that showcases Berlin. Pili’s relationship with his father is so bad, due to March not indulging in state activities and this being known by his son, that Pili ends up betraying March in the end and calls for March’s arrest. 

March is a non-believer and this is known to his family as well the state which is why he cannot get promoted or bond with his family. 

This is how the state creates moral dilemmas in the life of Xavier March, in the book Fatherland.



Corruption in Fatherland - A Literature Essay

A literature essay of 250 - 300 words. — 256 Words

Corruption is, arguably, the largest theme in the book, Fatherland. In Fatherland, as well as many stories, there are always the good guys and the bad guys. In this plot, the bad guys are the corrupt German officials who support white supremacy and anti-Semitism. Corruption is a large factor in the characteristics of all German officials. There are two types of corruption in the book - corruption of actual laws and the corruption of deceit of the German public and the entire world. 

The officials that break laws and go behind backs for the benefit of themselves are Buhler, Luther and Stuckart. All three were involved in a mass smuggling scheme whilst they were on official work. They did this for many years and stole many paintings which were priceless. Odlio Globocnik and all of his superiors are also a large symbol of corruption in the German government. Globus and his company are responsible for countless amounts of torture as well as murder. They use these mediums in order to get what they want - which is why they are very feared to everyone who knows them. 

The entire higher level of the German government is also subject to corruption due to their fraudulent activities of mass genocide of the Jewish race. The government goes behind the backs of every one below the higher order and kill nearly 6 million jews. The government wasn’t transparent about this to the population of Germany and the entire world. 

This is how corruption is portrayed in the book Fatherland. 



Character Analysis - Charlie Maguire in the book Fatherland

Literature Essay of 250 - 300 Words — 301 Words 

Charlotte Maguire is a main character in the book Fatherland. Her actions and characteristics fuel the plot and contribute to the findings of Xavier March. Charlie can be seen to be independent, intelligent as well as courageous in the story. Maguire is brought into the story by March when he needs information about the murder of Wilhelm Stuckart. From the instant she is brought in her independence and intellect is shown.

A particular show of her courageousness and independence is her general backstory. Charlie Maguire’s parent’s both come from Germany and she lives in New York. Maguire then decides to become a reporter and goes to Germany, on her own will, to report on the lies that her parents' homeland tell the world. This not only shows her independence as an individual but also shows her courageous qualities as well. Her courage and independence are also shown in the final chapter of the book. Maguire has the courage to smuggle top secret files across the German border. This act alone outlines pure courage as the consequences of being caught would result in an almost certain death. 

It can also be seen that Maguire is stubborn in a sense. When March tells her to stay in Berlin whilst he gathers intel in Switzerland, she disobeys the command and comes with anyway. This event, as well as her general attitude towards problems in the story, can show aspects of stubbornness. 

Maguire also is the polar opposite of the “ideal” women in Germany, during that time period. She openly indulges in alcohol, nicotine as well as cosmetics. She is also a woman that could never be pictured as a housewife due to her independence, courage and passion for the truth. This is how the character of Charlotte Maguire is portrayed in the book Fatherland. 



The Character of Xavier March - Literature Essay/Character Sketch

250 - 300 Word Literature Essay — 251 Words

In the book, Fatherland, the main character is Xavier March and this character fuels the plot line of the story with his attitude towards the German government as well as his level of curiosity. 

Xavier March can be seen to fuel the plot along in the book. The entire plot of the story revolves around Xavier trying to figure out what is actually going on with the deaths of 3 top class German leaders. Without the curiosity and the attitude of Xavier March, the plot would not advance as fast and in the manner that it does. A prime example of March’s curiosity showing would be when he is told to get off the Buhler case, but instead goes ahead and conducts an inspection of Buhler’s house because he wants to see what’s going on.

March also has a very unique attitude towards the German Reich, when compared to the general census of the population. March can see past the propaganda of the government and sees the government for what it really is - a communist and elitist society. The reader knows that March’s attitude is like this due to his will to pursue a case that openly exposes the government as well as various incidents in the story - one such incident would be his lack of his promotion due to his superiors being aware of his lack of belief. His official dossier also points this out. 

These characteristics of his (attitude and curiosity) make him the protagonist of this story Fatherland.


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Deception and Betrayal in Fatherland - Literature Essay

250-300 Word Literature Essay — 293 Words


In the book Fatherland a significant amount of deception and betrayal can be seen throughout the plot line as well as the main characters. The entire plot line of the book is based on deception. A man, in a high ranking German position, feels as if he is being deceived by the government as well as his superiors; and this launches the plot along - as this detective tries to solve the case. Xavier March fuels his will to solve the Buhler case with the curiosity as to what the government was trying to avoid. In the end, it turns out the government was playing a game of deception with their people as well as the world. The German government makes use of heavy propaganda in order to make people think that they are the greatest nation on Earth. This can be seen by the boy Pili in the story. Pili betrays his dad and causes him to suffer greatly because he believes the government is right and all March does, is wrong.

Betrayal can be predominantly seen by the main character of Max Jaeger in the book. Whilst March is investigating and discovering significant leads, Max Jaeger exposes all of these new findings to the “bad-guys” in the story - the Gastapo. Max Jaeger follows betrayal to the very end, and in the final scene of the book the audience is shown that Max Jaeger still tries to extort a dying Xavier March, in order to gain information on the whereabouts of his girlfriend. All of the information Max Jaeger exposes, as well as things that he does, end up significantly hindering Xavier March near the end of the story.

This is how deception and betrayal can be seen in the book Fatherland. 

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