Corruption in Fatherland - A Literature Essay

A literature essay of 250 - 300 words. — 256 Words

Corruption is, arguably, the largest theme in the book, Fatherland. In Fatherland, as well as many stories, there are always the good guys and the bad guys. In this plot, the bad guys are the corrupt German officials who support white supremacy and anti-Semitism. Corruption is a large factor in the characteristics of all German officials. There are two types of corruption in the book - corruption of actual laws and the corruption of deceit of the German public and the entire world. 

The officials that break laws and go behind backs for the benefit of themselves are Buhler, Luther and Stuckart. All three were involved in a mass smuggling scheme whilst they were on official work. They did this for many years and stole many paintings which were priceless. Odlio Globocnik and all of his superiors are also a large symbol of corruption in the German government. Globus and his company are responsible for countless amounts of torture as well as murder. They use these mediums in order to get what they want - which is why they are very feared to everyone who knows them. 

The entire higher level of the German government is also subject to corruption due to their fraudulent activities of mass genocide of the Jewish race. The government goes behind the backs of every one below the higher order and kill nearly 6 million jews. The government wasn’t transparent about this to the population of Germany and the entire world. 

This is how corruption is portrayed in the book Fatherland.