Character Analysis - Charlie Maguire in the book Fatherland

Literature Essay of 250 - 300 Words — 301 Words 

Charlotte Maguire is a main character in the book Fatherland. Her actions and characteristics fuel the plot and contribute to the findings of Xavier March. Charlie can be seen to be independent, intelligent as well as courageous in the story. Maguire is brought into the story by March when he needs information about the murder of Wilhelm Stuckart. From the instant she is brought in her independence and intellect is shown.

A particular show of her courageousness and independence is her general backstory. Charlie Maguire’s parent’s both come from Germany and she lives in New York. Maguire then decides to become a reporter and goes to Germany, on her own will, to report on the lies that her parents' homeland tell the world. This not only shows her independence as an individual but also shows her courageous qualities as well. Her courage and independence are also shown in the final chapter of the book. Maguire has the courage to smuggle top secret files across the German border. This act alone outlines pure courage as the consequences of being caught would result in an almost certain death. 

It can also be seen that Maguire is stubborn in a sense. When March tells her to stay in Berlin whilst he gathers intel in Switzerland, she disobeys the command and comes with anyway. This event, as well as her general attitude towards problems in the story, can show aspects of stubbornness. 

Maguire also is the polar opposite of the “ideal” women in Germany, during that time period. She openly indulges in alcohol, nicotine as well as cosmetics. She is also a woman that could never be pictured as a housewife due to her independence, courage and passion for the truth. This is how the character of Charlotte Maguire is portrayed in the book Fatherland.