The Character of Xavier March - Literature Essay/Character Sketch

250 - 300 Word Literature Essay — 251 Words

In the book, Fatherland, the main character is Xavier March and this character fuels the plot line of the story with his attitude towards the German government as well as his level of curiosity. 

Xavier March can be seen to fuel the plot along in the book. The entire plot of the story revolves around Xavier trying to figure out what is actually going on with the deaths of 3 top class German leaders. Without the curiosity and the attitude of Xavier March, the plot would not advance as fast and in the manner that it does. A prime example of March’s curiosity showing would be when he is told to get off the Buhler case, but instead goes ahead and conducts an inspection of Buhler’s house because he wants to see what’s going on.

March also has a very unique attitude towards the German Reich, when compared to the general census of the population. March can see past the propaganda of the government and sees the government for what it really is - a communist and elitist society. The reader knows that March’s attitude is like this due to his will to pursue a case that openly exposes the government as well as various incidents in the story - one such incident would be his lack of his promotion due to his superiors being aware of his lack of belief. His official dossier also points this out. 

These characteristics of his (attitude and curiosity) make him the protagonist of this story Fatherland.