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  • Ecosystems
    • Units in nature in which living and non-living things interact with each other
    • Biotic factors
      • Levels
        • Producers
          • Plants that can create their own food through photosynthesis
          • Autotrophic
        • Consumers
          • Organisms that cannot create food but have o eat other organisms
          • Heterotrophic
        • Decomposers
          • Organisms that break down dead matter or waste products
            • Fungi
            • Bacteria
            • Maggots
    • Abiotic factors
      • Non-living things
        • Provide the basis for an ecosystem
        • Physical features of the land
      • Soil
        • Sandy
          • Sandy
          • Holds little water
        • Loamy
          • Mixture of
            • Sand
            • Silt
            • Clay
            • Humus
              • The organic material in soil formed by decomposition of organisms by decomposers
          • Soapy
          • Holds a moderate amount of water
        • Clay
          • Sticky
          • Holds a lot of water
        • pH
          • Most plants grow in soil that is slightly acidic
          • Some grow better when it is slightly alkaline
            • Highveld grass
      • Water
        • The water cycle
    • Example analysis
      • An interaction between abiotic and biotic occurs when an animal eats grass
      • An interaction between biotic factors occur when predator kills prey
      • An interaction between abiotic factors occur when the trees use the water


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