The Infinitive - Die Infinitief

We use the infinitive, in Afrikaans to say when we want to do something - to run, to hide, to swim.

A basic example of the infinitive is:

I cannot wait to go.

Ek kan nie wag om te gaan nie. 


As you can see, the infinitive is very useful to language so here are the rules to using it:


1. The om + te always go together (besides exceptions)

Ek hou om krieket te speel.

Ek hou daarvan om te sing.

The way to use the infinitive comes with practice because there are many ways one thing can be said and me teaching you only one way isn't doing the way you speak justice.

Whenever you see these words you know that an infinitive is coming:

  1. Geniet dit (enjoy)
  2. Hou daarvan (like)
  3. Probeer (try)
  4. Verkies (choose)
  5. Is veronderstel (supposed)


2. The exceptions

  1. Behoort
  2. Hoef nie

When you see "Behoort" and "Hoef nie" you must know that there is no use of "om" with these words.


Jy behoort die motor te bestuur. (You should drive the car)

Jy hoef nie vir die westryd te kyk nie. (You don't have to watch the match)


3. Verbs that change

"is" always changes to "wees"

"het" always changes to "hê"