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  • The Lymphatic System
    • Main lymph vessels and ducts
      • Right lymphatic duct
        • Returns lymph to the bloodstream via the right subclavian vein
      • Left thoracic duct
        • Returns lymph to the bloodstream via the left subclavian vein
    • Where lymph originates from
      • When blood filters out the capillaries, not all of it goes back into the capillaries
      • The leftover fluid goes into the lymph capillaries
        • The lymph capillaries are intertwined between the normal capillaries
        • As soon as the fluid enters the lymph capillaries it is called lymph
    • Lymph capillaries
      • Intertwined between regular capillaries
      • Found everywhere except the brain and spinal cord
      • Join up to form lymph vessels
    • Differs from the blood system
      • It doesn’t have a pump
      • Semi-lunar valves prevent the backflow of lymph
      • Muscular movement during exercise helps push the lymph. along
      • Lymph vessels are blind-ended
        • Only transport fluid back to the heart
    • The functions of lymph
      • Helps the circulatory system to return fluid back to the heart
      • Lacteal
        • The lymph vessel inside the villi of the small intestine
          • Aids in the absorption and transportation of fat
      • Glands
        • Play a vital role
          • In destroying pathogenic or disease-causing organisms
            • The lymph glands in your neck swell if there is an infection
    • Elephantiasis
      • Condition that is transferred by mosquito 
      • The parasite infects the lymph glands of the body, causing them to be blocked
        • The lymph cannot pass through the glands which causes severe swelling
    • The structure of lymph vessels
      • Similar structure to veins
        • Thin walled
        • Semi-lunar valves to prevent backflow
      • Lymph glands (lymph nodes)
        • White blood cells are found in large numbers in the glands
        • The lymph travels through the glands as it flows to the heart
        • If there is any bacteria in the glands, the white blood cells will destroy them
    • Types of Plasma
      • When in blood vessels
        • Blood plasma
      • When bathing cells
        • Tissue fluid
      • When in lymph vessels
        • Lymph


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