• A network is two or more computing devices connected via some communications medium with the sole purpose of sharing information and resources. 


Computing Devices 

  • Smartphone  

  • Tablet  

  • Laptop 

  • Desktop 

  • Server 

  • Gaming consoles 


Communications medium 

  • Wired medium 

    • Cables  

      • UTP Cable 

        • Unshielded  twisted pair 

      • Coaxial 

      • Fibre optic  

    • The Copper cables can travel 100m before the line starts becoming bad 

    • Fibre optic is 700m to 1km 

  • Wireless medium 

    • Radio signals  

      • Wifi 

      • Bluetooth  

      • Infrared  

      • Microwaves    

Why we use networks 

  • Expensive  

    • It is not cost effective for people to multiple devices for multiple people 

    • It is better to share a device 

  • To centralize resources  

    • A server serves resources to a network 

      • It does not consume any resources 


Types of networking  

  • Peer-to-peer 

    • Just two computers communicating with another 

      • There is no server here 

      • Complete access to everyone's files 

      • Very insecure network 

  • Client-server network 

    • This is a network where all devices are connected to a server 

      • All of the data is stored on a server 

      • Not everyone is an administrator on a server 

        • There is only one or two administrators 

      • The server has increased security 

        • You only have to worry about one device  

      • The server can also store programs 

        • You can buy many licenses of a program and then virtualize,for example, Microsoft Office to everyone. 

  • Cloud based computing 

    • This is where you move all the resources to the internet 

      • Companies (ISPs) offer cloud services 

        • This means that you can create resources on their servers 


Here is a diagram of the different networks and how they communicate to the internet and each other.