How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Key Concepts

  • Always take a clear stance on the topic
  • Continually link back to the topic
  • Use factual evidence, not your personal opinion, to support your argument
  • Close down counter arguments
  • Rather write less than be caught waffling
  • Build your argument from most important to least important evidence 



  • Hook
    • Your first sentence should capture the reader's attention and introduce the theme of the essay
  • Background
    • A short explanation of the context. What is the issue? Who are the stakeholders? Who will be affected?
  • Thesis statement (stance)
    • Most important part
    • State your stance on the topic


  • PEEL paragraphs using clear factual evidence
  • Mention and close down counter arguments


  • Summarise the main points of your argument, once again linking them back to the topic
  • Write a final statement in which you state the future implications of the topic