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  • Environments
    • Macro
      • PESTLE
        • Political
          • The current and future ruling parties of the country
          • Military conflicts
          • Negotiations with other countries and unions
            • EG. Brexit
        • Economic
          • Inflation rate
          • Exchange rate
          • Tax
        • Social
          • Unemployment rate
          • HIV and AIDS
          • Strikes
        • Technological
          • Technologies affecting the resale and production of products and services
        • Legislative
          • Laws affecting the production of products
          • Laws affecting the quality of products that needs to be produced
        • Environmental
          • How the business affects the environment 
          • Factors that can affect the business
            • EG. The drought in South Africa
    • Market
      • Porter’s 5 Model
        • Threat of substitute product
        • Level of competitive rivalry in the market
        • Power of suppliers
        • Power of buyers
        • Threat of new entrants in the market
      • SWOT Analysis
        • Strengths
        • Weaknesses
        • Opportunities 
        • Threats
    • Micro
      • The 8 Business Functions
        • Production
        • Personnel
        • Public Relations
        • Purchasing
        • Administration
        • Marketing
        • Finance 
        • General management
    • Crisis vs trend
      • Crisis
        • An event that happens that is unforeseen and unplanned for
          • They might have contingency plans but they don’t know that it is going to happen
      • Trend
        • Events that happen over a long period of time 
          • The business has a contingency plan for this and is prepared
    • What is an environmental scan
      • Environmental scanning is the process of obtaining information about the future and current events that could have an impact on the business
    • Where does it fit in
      • Vision/mission of the business
        • Formulation of the strategy
          • Implementation of the strategy
            • Evaluation and control
      • Continuous scanning throughout


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