'n Vriendelike inkopie-Ervaring met KFM | Poem Translation and Analysis

English Translation 


The land is in big trouble  

Grab a trolley! 

Put away your revolver! 

The police station is being robbed! (was in the newspaper when the author was writing this poem)

Butter now costs R13 a block! 

Olè for margarine!  (Olè is also a brand of margarine)

A eighty year old women is cruely raped!

Cadbury, here we come! 

Doof! Doof! Doof! 

A bus plunged off a bridge! 

Sardiens are on a special special! 

Hip, hip, hooray! South Africa! 

Ten thousand is infected with AIDS! 

Yum-yum for deceased ham

Rolled up in Spekenam (spek en ham: which is tortoulogy)

The country is in the fire!

Rock and roll your trolleys!

Pack a box of wine without worry!

Love means to never say you are sorry! 

It's a K, it's a F, it's a M! 

It's KFM! 

There's a friendly Spar wherever you are! 



  •  Rollie: rewolwer
  • Worrie: Bekkomernis 


 Satierese gedig: The poem uses satire to point out the weakness in society