Tyd or Time in Afrikaans


The time in any language is key to speaking it and many everyday questions involve the time. To speak the time you must also know numbers. Here is a few definitions of the time that you need to know. 

  • Hours. The hours in Afrikaans are always written as one word. The only exception is that when there is a vowel at the end of a number, you add a hyphen then huur.

Here are the hours (12 Hour clock)


  1. Eenuur - one o’clock
  2. Twee-uur - two o’clock
  3. Drie-uur - three o’clock
  4. Vieruur - four ‘o clock
  5. Vyfuur - five ‘o clock
  6. Sesuur - six ‘o clock
  7. Sewe-uur - seven ‘o clock
  8. Agtuur - eight ‘o clock
  9. Nege - uur - nine ‘o clock
  10. Tienuur - ten ‘o clock
  11. Elfuur - eleven ‘o clock
  12. Twaalfuur - twelve ‘o clock


There are different ways things are said in Afrikaans. There are exceptions for three things when saying them.

  • To say anything that is related to science or if you want to say hours and years with a number, the measurement unit stays singular/

Eg. 100 liter, 100 kilogram

  • If you want to say how long something takes in hours, for example how long you spent in a airplane, you write it as two words not one.

Eg. Ek was in die vliegtuig vir elf uur.

  • For emphasis on the amount of time something took you use ure or jare.

Eg. Dit reën vir ses ure in Midrand


That concludes the section for time in Afrikaans.