Anthony Delius - The Gamblers


Unfurl: unroll or spread out

Lechery: lust, lewd desire

Calloused: thick and hard

Capacious: roomy or spacious  


  • The writer refers to the fishermen as gamblers as they never now what they are going to get. 
  • He refers to the fish as "chips", these are the tokens the gambler would win.
  • In this case when he places his bet, he casts his net.
  • The fisher men are also like gamblers as they think of alcohol, gambling and lust full thoughts 
  • These fishermen lead hard and difficult lives, we can see this as their hands are coarse and rough
  • Showing that they have done a lot of hard labour.


Figures of Speech

"Whirl"- onomatopoeia 

"Big baskets"- alliteration 

"Day flips a golden coin"- personification