Chapter 1  - Mozart met Lipstick

I told Zane that it is a stupid idea to put lipstick on Mozart. It would have been cool if we weren't caught. When the bell went for second break Mrs. P asked me to deliver a letter to Mr. Marx. It is a legend at the school that one day at the dance Mr. Marx kissed Mrs. P.  There are so many variations of the story that it could not have been a private kiss. (Tiaan is delivering the message and he is not pleased). They went inside the class and inside they saw music posters and notes on the board. There was a poster of Mozart and it looked like they hadn't combed their hair. Tiaan tries to put down the letter on Mr. Marx's desk. Zane had a pleased look on his face. Zane put lipstick on Mozart. As Zane was showing off Mr. Marx walked in. He asked Zane not to drop the statue because it cost a lot of money. Marx asked them to come to his class after school. 

Chapter 2 - Orkesoefening 

Zane has been in trouble ever since grade three. They thought that Mr. Marx was going to punish them and then it would be over but when they neared the class they heard a lot of noise. There was so much noise that people thought it was judgement day. As they walked in Mr Marx was smiling. He gave them a grand entrance. Liezel Kritzinger asked what post modernism is (it is a current comment about something that happened in the past.). Mr. Marx held up the statue and asked how is this post modernism. Zane was asked what music he liked and he said rock. Mr Marx said a lot of types of rock music and Zane was confused. Mr Marx made a point that music teachers know more than classical music. Frik said that Tiaan and Zane have a band. Mr Marx asked what the band name was and it is Bosvark (Zane) Hardeskyf (Tiaan). As they got to the door Mr. Marx stopped them. Mr. Marx found a rock consent form called Remoer and suggested they enter.

Chapter 3 - Pause. Rewind. 

It is quite difficult to take photos of yourself. He got a new camera that has a timer and now it is a lot easier to take "selfies". Tiaan is messing around with the camera and thinks he can make an exhibition of his photos. While Tiaan is taking selfies, Zane sneaks up on him and asks if he was really taking selfies. Zane says don't worry about being embarrassed we are going to enter the concert and Liezel will be all over him. Tiaan says that it was not a smile but a laugh at him earlier. 

Chapter 4 - Kennisgewings

They are going to put notices up saying that there are opening for a spot in a band because you cannot have a band with only two people. Tiaan is not impressed and is offended that Zane did not ask him about this before. Their notice has an opening for a vocalist and a drummer. 

Chapter 5 - Zane se vriendiende loon.

Tiaan regrets having a mom as a doctor because he cannot bunk school. He is not looking forward to the time where he loses his name. Zane stares at Liezel. He hopes that the room next to him is sound proof because that is Mr. Marx's class. There is no one at the audition. After 20 minutes Zane also starts to fade. Zane thinks that if they don't come to us we must go to them, they want to go to the music room next door. The orchestra starts playing next door. 

Chapter 6 - Oudiesies

They moved the auditions to the orchestra room. They enter and everyone is looking at them. They look like a joke. Zane announces that they need a vocalist and a drummer. Mr Marx tries to save them by saying that this is an opportunity for them to play a different type of music. Liezel turns the situation around and suggests that they must play for the orchestra, not the other way around because they can play musical instruments. Mr Marx smiles at the idea of them being embarrassed. Mr Marx introduces them. Tiaan and Zane start playing the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Mr Marx encourages them to listen to Never mind because he listens to a lot of music. Frik says that he will give it a shot. Frik was just bashing the drums and eventually Mr Marx tells him to stop. Lynette and Cecil say that they will give it a try. They sing at the talent show, but they are not talented. Mr Marx ends the singing. Zane tries to keep track of the good singers in his head. Lydia sings the song by the Foo fighters and Zane likes everything about her, but her singing... Liezel's friends start cheering for her to go up and sing. The whole class joins in. She finally agrees. Zane is VERY happy. When Liezel started singing Tiaan thinks that she sound amazing. Sibongile, a new student says that she will play drums. Frik starts to giggle. Bongi asks him what his name was. She then starts a rhyming sequence, and she stops. The whole class goes quiet and Frik is also dead quiet. Everyone is surprised that Bongi went to go play the drums. Everyone is amazed that Bongi plays the drums perfectly. The whole band plays amazingly and the class is also amazed. Mr. Marx stops the song and says that he will fetch an entry form and that they must stop hijacking his lessons.

Chapter 7 - Casanova op sy Knieë

Liezel says that she cannot be part of the band. Zane asks why she can't, immediately. She says that she won't be able to because she has no time to attend practices. He gets on his needs and begs her to join their band. Bongi interrupts him and Bongi says that that is not how you start a band. Bongi suggests that they need to get organised and meet at Milky Lane after school. Zane is shocked. Zane says that he has lost his love and says that Bongi is an amazing girl. Tiaan says that he has never seen someone that can fall in love so easily. 

Chapter 8 - Die Gids

When Tiaan and Zane were in Grade 8 they started a book which contained all they knew about girls. Zane had so many love disappointments that they thought they should write a book so no one would make those mistakes again. They were doing a geography lesson about predicting weather and they thought the could predict what girls think. The book that they used was Zane's moms cooking book. A few numbers have been crossed out since they were found to not be true by Zane (11,26,119). The last time Tiaan fell in love was on his holiday and he phoned the number that the girl gave him and it was an old man. He says that he would have to go to MD by himself or with one of his dad's cousins. Tiaan hadn't read the book in a while. 

Chapter 9 - Wats in 'n Naam

Tina suggests a band name that is called "Cupid" and no one likes it. Bongi thinks it's a start and writes it down. No one is really focussed and Liezel is still skeptical about her being in the band. Bongi was as well. Liezel is very skeptical whether the band will work. Zane asks why they auditioned and now they remember that Liezel did not do the audition in free will. Liezel brings up all the problems with the idea including that they have no location to practice. Zane says that they can practice in Tiaan's garage but Tiaan closes down the idea quickly. Bongi says they will practice with them for one month as a practice period. Everyone agrees with the idea and they decide to do it as well. Zane is very happy about this. The entries for the competition are going to close in a week so they are going to get started. They now start brainstorming ideas and VlakVark is a good idea towards Zane. They now ask the waiter and she is not impressed. They now end up with the name Suurlemoen, they came up with it from the quote "If life keeps handing you lemons, make lemonade!" Everyone is happy except for Bongi because she thinks that it is a bit boring but goes with it anyway. They now have to write a biography about each of the band members. 

Chapter 10 - Suur...?


Chapter 11 - Lawaai

They are now practicing in Tiaan's garage, making a loud noise. Bongi got her cousin to bring her drum kit over to Tiaan's place. They could now be playing with a drummer and vocalist. They are practicing and Bongi gets carried away at the end of song and starts a drum solo. Zane is very pleased. Zane wants to go with Liezel back to her home and Tiaan picks up that they don't even live in the same area. Zane said that he was going to ask her out to the movies today. Bongi can even sense that something is going on. Tiaan is wondering why so many people go to the movies for a first date.

Chapter 12 - Song

Tiaan wants to write a song and he seeks inspiration from other people and words. Tiaan is wondering around with pizza and he thinks that the lemon would look good on a t shirt or drum kit. On a page in his room, is a brainstorming page about suurlemoen. He is looking at himself in photos and he thinks that he is not good looking. His mom then interrupts him and she says that she received a phone call... He knows he is in trouble. 

Chapter 13 - Senuweebrakke

Their music was so bad in the garage that their neighbour's dog had a nervous breakdown. It was actually two dogs. The dogs that were put into shock were poodles. The band now faces their first problem - they lost their practicing location. Zane says that he asked Liezel out and she said she can't make it. However he is still happy because she didn't say no. 

Chapter 14 - Klankdig

Their school is not high tech but it does have a radio station. It is pretty simple, it is just a microphone and a CD player connected to a couple of speakers. It is run by two grade 11s. Bongi comes up with a new place to practice and Zane is really excited. She says that their is a catch though. She asked Mr Marx and he said that they could use an old room that the cadets used. He said that they had to clean it up first before they could use it. They now discuss song writing tasks. Zane says he can't do it because he got 9/20 for an English essay. 

Chapter 15 - Operas Orkeskamer

Zane is not pleased with the state of the room. He thinks that they took all the junk from 75 years and through it into the room. Zane tries to ask Liezel out again but she ignores him. Mr. Marx is glad to see them there and gives them the paint. He gives them everything that they need and they have permission to use the room for the rest of the year. There is a bit of a debate of who should get the keys but it ends up going to Tiaan. About an hour later Zane was sweating and dirty and Bongi was surely a slave master in an earlier life. In the room they find vinyls and a player. Bongi starts to sing along to an old beetles song and Zane and Tiaan found it very amusing. 

Chapter 16 - Mal

Zane expresses to Tiaan how much he loves Liezel. Tiaan is busy thinking about all the work they have to do for the orchestra room while Zane still continues expressing how much he thinks Liezel is perfect. Zane asked Liezel to go to the movies with him but she didn't say anything. He is very optimistic about this because she didn't say no. He is busy trying to get Tiaan to agree with him that Liezel is perfect. Tiaan tells him all he has to do is "just be himself" *He quotes the guide to girls they made.

Chapter 17 - Lemonade

They are busy painting the Orchestra room with music notes and making it look nice. Tiaan and Bongi are working hard but Zane and Liezel are playing around with black paint. Tiaan expresses how hungry he is and Liezel approaches him with the paint brush, but he waves her off. They finish the painting and Bongi proposes they do their first practice in their new place. But before they start, all of them are hungry so Bongi pulls out all of her sandwiches and lemonade. They make a toast to Suurlemoen. Bongi then asks who has made a song yet and everyone replies no, except for Tiaan who takes out his Post-it-Notes. 

Chapter 18 - Maak lemonade

This here is a chapter which contains song lyrics. There is nothing to be summarised here. If you would like to see the lyrics see PAGE 70 of your book - unfortunately we cannot show the actual page on here for copyright reasons

Chapter 19 - Net voor ons 'n zombie verander

His mom asks them whether they were at practice the entire day. His mom immediately thinks that when you are in a band you do drugs etc. He now tries to pick up the mood by telling his mother that they now have a place to practice. His mom discovers a paint mark on his shirt and it is clearly indicated that she is in a bad mood. His mom is agitated because the family already had supper and he is late (his supper is in the oven). He decides to have a shower first (He hums the tune of "maak lemonade" in the shower) . While he was in the shower he felt depressed. He thinks he has an illness or it was just the paint, guitar chords and drum beats. He helped Bongi to paint a lemon - while he was doing this he wished he was Zane because Zane can get any girl and Tiaan is feeling a bit jealous. Zane and Liezel went to the movies. As he was looking in the mirror he sees pimples and he thinks that it is time that he goes out with a girl.

*HE is Tiaan *The mom is Tiaan's mom

Chapter 20 - Snuffelgids

He wakes up in the middle of the night with a nightmare. He was in the newspaper advertised for a dating profile and his dad opened the newspaper to this page.

*A picture of him in the newspaper is before

Chapter 21 - Chrome Bunny

Tiaan asks Zane how his date went. Zane replies by saying that it was okay, he says Liezel picked a chick flick. Tiaan is clever and says very little so Zane tells him everything. Tiaan doesn't really want to know anymore because he actually likes Liezel. Zane found out that Mr. Marx was in a band - their name was Chrome Bunny. Zane's mom recognised them because they were one of her favourites. They both wonder as to how no one knew this before. They also found out that Mr Marx's first name was Alistair. 

Chapter 22 - Fast Forward

They decide to make a book on how to make a band. Their proposed name was to name it - Beware: Being in a band can be boring. They made notes in a book. The notes are located on PAGE 78 and 79 of the book. 

Chapter 23 - Die taal van tuinkabouters

Tiaan is going to Liezel's house to work on the song. When he arrives it is clear that Liezel lied to her parents as to what they are doing - she told them that they were going to do homework. They were sitting in the garden. Liezel asks why he always keeps a bag on him. He says it is because he always wants to keep his camera on him. She didn't know that he was a photographer. They then discuss about pictures he takes. Her mother brings them drinks. Liezel then says that she likes his songs and complements him about his work. Tiaan thinks that it was a bad idea to think about songs at this time. Liezel asks him if he had to take a picture what it would be. He says Katy Perry. He actually doesn't think that. He actually wants to take a picture of Liezel and flirt with her. The weirdest topic Tiaan has every talked to a girl about is garden gnomes. 

Chapter 24 - Girls Only

Liezel is at home practicing the bridge of the song in order to make it perfect. The competition is within five weeks. Zane wanted to know everything that happened when Tiaan and Liezel met. Bongi then takes Liezel for coffee - girls only.

Chapter 25 - Eerste Gig

Frik asks Tiaan how the band is going. Frik wants to make fun of the band and he always has his "crew" around him. Bongi interrupts the conversation and tells Tiaan that Mr. Marx wants to see them after school. She also calls him "Frikkie". Frik moves away from them. They go to Mr. Marx and he tells them all of the facts of the competition. Mr. Marx is impressed with them and he wants to know if they have any fans to go with them. Marx says that they need to perform before the competition. He proposes that they perform before the drama club and their performance. Zane then asks Mr Marx what Chrome Bunny's first gig was. Mr Marx says that it was a long time ago, and he left it at that. 

Chapter 26 - Elektrisiteit

Tiaan is busy trying to do nothing when Liezel calls. Liezel says that she has a good idea for a poster. Tiaan thought that it was only Liezel coming, but it was everyone. Liezel thinks that they should put posters by the school for their first gig. She wants there to be a lot of people there so they make a good impression. Tiaan offers them cold drinks and wants to bring it on a tray. We can see that there is a bit of tension between the two boys because of Liezel. Zane is picking this up. Liezel now starts drawing the poster but Tiaan says that they should do it on Photoshop.

Chapter 27 - Ingeprop

 They just finished performing a piece for Mr. Marx. They got everything perfect. A teacher then comes in and complains about there being posters for Suurlemoen everywhere. Mr. Marx says that he should not be worried. Mr. Marx says that it is important for you to hear yourself play your song so you can get it right. 

Chapter 28 - Op Tape

They are listening to the song they recorded. Bongi is worried about how she sounds, but Liezel re-assures her that she was good. Liezel also is worried but Zane tells her she did fine. Liezel says that she is nervous for Monday (stage fright). Bongi says that there aren't a lot of important people there so she doen't have to be worried. They finish listening and then Liezel begins to pack up, as well as Zane. Zane says he will practice when he gets home, which is a surprise to everyone. Liezel then climbs on her bike and rides away. 

Chapter 29 - Psycho Bob en Willem

A radio station is saying the general news. The radio station announces that two insane people will be coming to town. The station was talking about the three best bridges and Jack Parrow's song was among the list. Zane goes to the tuck shop and there he is greeted with a surprise from Bob. They are in the running for the best small band! They were entered by a tape that none of them sent (not Zane, Liezel or Bongi. The song that got them in was "Maak Lemonade". Frik entered them. He found the tape in the orchestra room. Zane lost the tape before.

Chapter 30 - Skadbeheer

Liezel is scared that they won't get the keys to the room back. Bongi says that she has a plan in a sly way. They run into Frik and his fellow matrics who make fun of them with high school humor. Tiaan thinks that he is too gullible for school humor.

Chapter 31 - Toilettreffer

Someone was in the toilet when Tiaan was there. Tiaan calls Zane and points out that they were humming their song. Tiaan points out that it must have been the radio show. They realise that they were number one on the radio chart list. This leaves them with a good feeling that their song is popular

Chapter 32 - Wiskunde en 'n jackpot-vraag

Tiaan is playing with his calculator. He names all of the things he can spell on it. He can spell LIESL. (HE OBVIOUSLY DOES THIS BECAUSE HE LIKES HER). He then talks about his new wallpaper of a lemon. He then looks at the photos his camera took on camera mode. Each person looks great in the pictures. Tiaan then calls Liezel. Liezel is surprised!  He talks to Liezel about the t shirts and she says that it is lame and she wants to do it tomorrow.

Chapter 33 - Great

Tiaan introduces the t shirt idea to Liezl. Tiaan tells her that his dad will buy the first ten for them (shirts). Tiaan points out that they can start a T-Shirt label if the band is a flop. Liezl then tells Tiaan that he is amazing while they are sitting close to each other by the computer - it was at this moment that Zane walks in. 

Chapter 34 - Stilstuipe

Zane is now ignoring Tiaan. He tried to phone Zane many times and his mom says that Zane just doesn't want to speak to him. The next day, Liezel and Zane are ignoring him. Bongi picks up that there is tension in the group. Bongi is now very worried about how they will practice when no one wants to speak to each other. Tiaan ends up in the media center to find a way to solve the solution. He then looks for books with titles that suit his position. There is now a list in the book (page 115) of reasons why Tiaan can, and cannot, like Liezel. 

Chapter 35 - Vuishou

Tiaan thinks that is better for them not to see each other over the weekend. Bongi says that they need to choose songs before Monday. So she meets Zane and Liezel and Tiaan to practice on Saterday Afternoon. There is a lot of tension in the room! They now need to choose songs for the recital before the play. Tiaan suggests "Smells like teen spirit". Zane then says why don't we do "Like old would friends do". Liezel is now fed up and packs up here microphone and leaves. Tiaan then starts packing up. When Tiaan runs the 8 hundred meters he always comes last, but yet he still runs it every year. 

Chapter 36 - Uitgelag

Bongi phones Tiaan on Saturday Afternoon. Bongi says that Liezel came to see her. Liezel says that she quit. Tiaan is devastated. Their only option is to withdraw from the competition. Bongi says she will go speak to Mr. Marx. Liezel has quit one day before the show. Suurlemoen is dead. 

Chapter 37 - Bands wat hul die gesien het omdat hulle ge fight het.

Tiaan searches online for solutions to a band breaking up because of a fight. He makes a list of bands in alphabetical order

Chapter 38 - Meneer Marx

They go to Mr. Marx's classroom and Bongi is eating her sandwiches. Zane is wondering why he wants to see us, he doesn't want to get a lecture from him. They think about how it all started with the little statue with lipstick. It was just Zane and Tiaan with two guitars, with an ambition to start a band. Mr Marx knows exactly what is is like to have a band split up. He says that he will let the headmaster know that they cannot perform. He asks them to tell the event organisers of the competition that they cannot perform. Hy also asks them to return the keys. 

Chapter 39 - Psycho

Tiaan thinks that he is relatively normal. However he has quite a weird plan in his head and he is wondering if anyone else can see what is in his head. So five minutes before second break Tiaan asks to leave the class. As he is walking he can hear all the other teacher's voices. He reached the place where the radio station is. He then sneaks into the teacher's bathroom. Ho locks the door and sits on the seat. As the bell rings he stands up and gets out. Tiaan then sneaks into the radio station room. 

Chapter 40 - Gyselaardrama

Tiaan is now acting out a scene with Psycho Bob an Willem. He pretends that they are in a hostage situation. He makes them play along. Tiaan grabs the microphone and say that he was a part of a band called Suurlemoen. He is ranting on about how they should be together, etc. He has now lost the hostage atmosphere. He threatens Bongi, Zane and Liezel that he will stay in the radio station forever if the don't play tonight. Tiaan finishes speaking and the radio station starts playing "maak lemonade". When the song finishes the huge information about what is going on. The plan was not successful. They (DJs) fade the playing song and apologize to their teacher for missing their test. A teacher comes to fetch Tiaan and find out what's going on (the headmaster). The headmaster is angry at them because they are still playing music when class has started. Psycho Bob is happy though to be missing the test. Mnr Marx is now there to go and fetch Tiaan. Marx talked to the headmaster and if he goes out there will be no trouble. He then gets post in the box and all of his friends say that they will play. 

Chapter 41 - Suurlemoen! en Shakespeare

At the show psycho Bob and Willem are the masters of ceremony. They are talking about Romeo and Juliet and they give away the story. They announce Suurlemoen is going to perform now. They start playing "Van my kop af". Bongi started playing the drums and the tense feeling in Tiaan goes away. They then perform the song really well

Chapter 42 - Romeo en Juliet

After the show was done, there was a big anti-climax. They left the stage to go out their instruments away. No one wants to say anything. Even Zane leaves with the excuse of having homework. Bongi and Tiaan then go to watch Romeo and Juliet. As they go into the hall, Tiaan loses Bongi. He can't concentrate on the show (Tiaan). Bongi then tells Tiaan that Liezel is crazy about him. She wouldn't have joined the band if it wasn't for Tiaan. Liezel however doesn't want to go out with Tiaan because she knows Zane likes her. 

Chapter 43 - Verf

Tiaan arrives at Liezel's house with paint. Her dad goes and checks if she was awake. Liezel comes down and is surprised to see Tiaan. He brought the paint to paint the garden gnome. Liezel tells Tiaan that it is not funny. But Tiaan is not doing it as a joke. Liezel allows him to go outside. Tiaan is trying to figure out what Liezel is thinking. Tiaan starts painting the knome and is very happy becuase Liezel is sitting there with him. Liezel's mom calls and asks what they were doing. She thinks that what they were doing is very weird. Tiaan and Liezel argue a little a bit about them colour and Liezel asks what Tiaan came to her house for (actually). Tiaan says that he just came there to paint the garden knome. Liezel is quite upset at this. Tiaan the. Expresses all he feelings he actually has for her. Tiaan then rambles on for quite a while and says that this is his idea of a romantic movie. Liezel looks at him a little weird. Liezel asks Tiaan for a brush. She sat next to him and she gave him a kiss. 

Chapter 44 - Zane

On his way home from Liezel he pays Zane a visit. Tiaan says "hi" but Zane ignores him. Zane is doing weights and Tiaan feels bad because no one old do weights at this time of night unless something is wrong. Tiaan then says that he knows it was wrong what he did and said sorry. But he says nothing will change. 

Chapter 45 - #241

Tiaan's journey through the night has taken his toll on him. He is very tired. His mom tells him that Zane is there. Zane asks if he was finished with his food and went to go and get Tiaan's bag. They then went to the garage and hit there bikes. Just as they were about to leave Zane hands Tiaan the love guide with a new entry. The entry means that Zane will forgive Tiaan

Chapter 46 - Frik

It is now Tuesday afternoon and Willem welcomes the school to their break. The band is there and they are being interviewed on the station. The station asks them what their greatest inspiration was. Bongi says that it was Frik. They then give away one of their T Shirts to Frik as a "thank you". 

Chapter 47 - Koerantknipsel

There is a newspaper clipping on the page. For copyright reasons we cannot display this to you. But it says that Suurlemoen have gone through to the finals of the competition. 

Chapter 48 - Remoer

They are now there at the competition and they are all very stressed out. Zane actually tried to run away. Bongi eats food to counter stress and Liezel bites her lip. The four bands that made it through were all sitting in different groups. Tiaan is contemplating on how they got their. Mr. Marx comes to tell them that all their fans from the school and their and the DJs are their getting the excited. Mnr Marx invites them to a pub (Hog and Falcon)to listen to a band called Chrome Bunny. 

Chapter 49 - Magic

They get onto stage and the crowd goes wild. The start the song and the fans start cheering even louder. They didn't start playing too well and halfway through the song one of Tiaan's guitar strings break. Liezel is clever and bought time for them to fix the guitar string. One of the organisers come back with a replacement guitar. They start their song. They play "Van my Kop af". Liezel changes the lyrics again but they play amazingly. They played better than they did at the semi-finals. They played better than all the other bands as well. The won the competition. 

Chapter 50 - Suurlemoen!

They won a contract to produce songs and they won R20 000 for their school. They are a bit uptight about it because it was them that won the competition, not the school. 

Made by Keroshan Pillay