Shakespeare twelfth night act 2

MInd map summarising scenes in the act

TEXt breakdown of individual scenes

  • Shakespeare Act 2 - Bullet Point Summary
    • Scene 1
      • Sebastian reveals his real name to Antonio
        • It is not Roderigo
      • We can see Antonio’s love for Sebastian
      • Sebastian wishes that he was not saved by Antonio, because he has no family left
        • Or so he thinks…
      • Sebastian’s plan is to go to Orsino’s court for shelter and food
        • Antonio wants to go with Sebastian even though Antonio is an enemy of Orsino
      • Antonio will go with Sebastian no matter what because of his love for him
    • Scene 2
      • Malvolio gives the ring to Cesario (Viola)
        • He says that Cesario should return it to Lady Olivia
        • He informs Cesario that he should no longer come and speak on the behalf of Orsino
      • Viola realises that Lady Olivia actually has love for her/him.
        • She does not know what to do with the situation and hopes that time will untangle the bad love web
        • Viola realises that Olivia is wanting Cesario to visit again with the idea of the ring
      • Viola is now concerned that she has made Olivia in love with Cesario, instead of Orsino.
        • She fears Orsino might be angry with her
    • Scene 3
      • Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are drinking at a very late hour.
      • Fest joins them and sings a love song on request
      • Maria then comes into the group and warns them that Malvolio will come and shout at them
      • Malvolio then enters, as predicted by Maria
        • He informs them that this behaviour will not be tolerated by Lady Olivia and she will ask them to leave the house
        • He then ensures them that he will inform her, making all of them angry
      • Fest leaves at the sound of Malvolio’s words
      • Sir Toby is not happy about the way Malvolio is addressing them and reminds him that he is just a servant and they are royals (not Maria)
        • Sir Toby wishes to challenge Malvolio to a duel
      • Maria then says that they should plan a joke and get back at Malvolio for all of the trouble he has caused them
        • We can now see Maria’s hatred towards Malvolio
        • Maria points out that she can write a letter in a  very similar way to Lady Olivia
          • Sir Toby and Andrew are liking where the plan is headed
      • Maria leaves the scene and Toby and Andrew go and drink some more
    • Scene 4
      • Orsino is still demanding music to obsess over Lady Olivia
        • His servants are getting tired of his obsessions
        • He requests Feste to come and sing to him
          • This is after Curio informs him of Feste and his presence in the house
      • Viola now speaks with Orsino
        • She says that there might be another women who loves him
          • Orsino insists that nothing can fill his love that he has for Olivia
          • Viola is now leaving subtle hints of her love for him as she lists all the characteristics of the women that loves Orsino - there is a match between Viola and the description
      • Orsino then says that he needs a younger women to keep him interested
      • Fest then sings
        • He sings about a lover that has died and wants to be forgotten
      • Orsino is not very interested in Feste’s song and wants to pay him and get him to leave
      • Fest then leaves, rejecting payment
      • Orsino then asks Cesario to go and speak with Olivia
        • Viola then asks what happens if Olivia will never love him
          • We can assume that this is a reference to scene 2
      • Viola then begins to describe her history, but becomes to detailed
        • She said things that had a double meaning
    • Scene 5
      • Maria enters the scene with the rest of them and places the letter on the floor
      • They all wait for him to pick up the letter (they are hiding)
        • Before he (Malvolio) picks up the letter we see Malvolio making all the men (Toby, Andrew and Fabian) quite angry when he says things.
      • Here we see that practical prank on Malvolio take place
        • Maria exploits his “love” for Lady Olivia and writes a letter that looks like to came from Lady Olivia
      • We see the letter telling Malvolio to dress up in a way that Lady Olivia hates
        • This is how they get back at him
          • Their plan is to make Malvolio look embarrassed in front of Lady Olivia
      • Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian are very impressed with Maria’s plan and execution
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