Pronouns (Voornaamwoorde)


Pronouns in Afrikaans are very simple to work with. In a test or exercise it will be laid out like this... 

Susan het 'n pa. _____ pa het 'n motor._____ hou van die motor. In die motor ______ praat met mekaar.

That is a very simple example of how it will be set out. You will simply have to fill in the blanks. To fill out the blanks you fill in the correct pronoun. To figure out the pronoun that will be used just look at the subject that the sentence says, so in the example above the subject is Susan and therefore all of our pronouns will be feminine.

Here is the list of pronouns you will have to memorise to answer questions. To successfully answer harder questions though you must increase your vocabulary of afrikaans to understand which form of a pronoun to use.