• Eco-friendly = 
    • it is when a product or service does no harm or very little harm to the environment.
  • Carbon footprint =
    • it is the amount of carbon each person creates ( it is created when we use fuels that harm the environment or if we buy products that harm the environment.) 
  • The role of customers = 
    • Customers can stop buying harmful products from businesses.
      • This will then force businesses to remake the product in a more eco-friendly way.
        • e.g) Businesses can sell food that are not wrapped in plastic.
          • Businesses can use recyclable packaging.



  • The government’s main role is to decide what type of energy the country uses. The government can either choose the more sustainable way or the carbon way
  • Sustainable ways = 
    • solar energy; wind energy ( it is all forms energy that is not harmful to the environment)
  • Carbon way = 
    • using fossil fuels to create electricity. (these methods create carbon dioxide)  
  • The government can also… 
    • Pass laws to control pollution 
    • They can provide public transport (this is to decrease the amount of cars on the roads)
    • They can provide houses with solar water geysers (it heats water without creating any pollution) 


Before we can make our carbon footprints lower we must first understand what our carbon footprints are. 

Our carbon footprint is the impact we have on the environment. We impact the environment negatively when we use fossil fuels to create electricity (burning coal).

We can lower our carbon footprint by…  

  • Turning off lights 
  • Using energy saving lights
  • Use a form of energy that doesn’t create carbon dioxide. (Wind energy)
  • Use eco-friendly products

We can balance our carbon footprint by planting trees.

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