Poems are a beautiful way to express feelings, emotions and themes in English.

There are many components which make a poem good. Here are the main components of a poem...

  • Mood and Tone
  • Structure
  • Language
  • Imagery

Let's break down the first one - structure.

The structure of a poem is dependent on how the poem is set out and it's rhyme scheme. How the poem is set out influences the stricture because it determines how the reader reads the poem. The set out for a poem is - how many stanzas there are, how many lines are in a stanza and the flow of words to lines, then lines to verses. The second part the rhyme scheme influences how the poem sounds. Here are a couple of rhyme schemes...

  • Couplet - AABBCC
  • Cross Rhyme - ABAB
  • Free verse - No particular rhyme scheme in the verses

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