Over fishing


  • Over fishing = taking more fish than nature can replace. 

  • Fish stock = the available supply of fish.


Cause of over fishing


  1. Modern fishing methods and technology means that it is easier to catch more fish. 

  2. The world’s population has doubled in the last 50 years. Fishing companies must take more fish to feed the population.

  3. There are not enough international fishing laws to stop people from over fishing.


Effects of over fishing


  • It reduces the amount of food

  • It effects many other plants and animals in the sea.

  • The reduction in fish supply leads to unemployment and poverty.

Sustainable fishing


  • Quota = a maximum amount of fish allowed.

  • Habitats = it is a place where specific plant or animal lives.

  • Size restrictions = it limits the catching of fish and lobsters which are too small to breed.


Laws and quotas 


Quotas are set so that companies and people cant over fish a certain fish. When the quota is reached no more fishing is allowed.

Size restriction laws are helping to reduce overfishing.


Marine protected areas.


The main aims of marine protected areas are..

  • To provide a safe place for fish stocks to breed and grow 

  • To protect important habitats 



Fishing methods...

  • Trawling

    • ragging a large net or cage along the seabed.  (it damages the marine habitats)

  • Mesh sizes

    •  companies use large nets to catch fish. These nets catch a lot of young fish and this is bad for the breeding of the species.


Overfishing awareness

Educating people about overfishing can help them to become involved in saving fish.