• Desertification =
    • is processes that reduce the quality of land.
  • Degraded =
    • when land is worn down, bad condition.


Effects of overgrazing 


  • Plants don’t have enough time to grow
  • Bare patches of soil appear
  • Weeds and alien plants replace grass
  • Soil is eroded by wind and water.
  • Dams begin to fill with washed away soil
  • Animals start eating alien plants 
  • Animals then become sick because the alien plants don’t contain enough nutrias
  • Weak animals (less offspring’s)
  • Animal productivity decreases 
  • Young animals need more grass = more overgrazing 
  • Desertification takes place
  • The land is no longer useful
  • People leave the land.


Overgrazing has a huge effect on the environment and people.


Sustainable grazing 


  • Fodder =
    • food for animals
  • Silage =
    • animal fodder stored in large tanks called silos.


Sustainable grazing methods - 


  • Rotational grazing
  • Strip grazing
  • Providing fodder