Verse and Prose are two different types of speech that are used to indicate different things.



Verse is when a character speaks in poetry to indicate that they are noble are when a character is speaking about a noble thing.

Shakespeare often uses this in his play and when he wants us to see that it is written in verse he will often use the rhythm of the iambic pentameter (ten syllables per line).

In bullet form…

  • Verse means - 
    • Poetry
      • And is used to indicate something noble speaking or being spoken about  
        • You can identify Verse when lines of a story have a specific rhythm to them


Prose is written or spoken language that is in ordinary form. It is when a character speaks in normal tone and rhythm with no specific rules (for rhythm and rhyme).

We speak in prose everyday when we talk to someone without using the form of poetry. It is basic speech and easy to identify in a play or speech.

In bullet form…

  • Prose means,
    • Speaking about something ordinary or someone ordinary is speaking
      • You can see when a play or speech is written in prose when there is no specific rhythm and rhyme to the lines.