• Humans Impact on Their Environment

    • Pollution

      • Air

      • Water

      • Soil

      • It has health problems on humans and animals

    • Ozone Layer Depletion

      • This will increase radiation from the sun that we receive

      • It is caused by polluting air

      • CFC

        • Chlorofluorocarbon

        • This is a dangerous gas that can cause many problems

    • Deforestation

      • This destroys trees for commercial use

      • The problems of this would be that...

        • Destruction of ecosystems

        • Increased amounts of Carbon Dioxide

        • Strange weather patterns

    • Loss of Bio diversity

      • When habitats are destroyed it messes with ecosystems

      • When this happens plants and animals become extinct

        • We loose diversity in the ecosystem

    • Acid Rain

      • Erosion of infrastructure and much more can happen

        • People become sick

        • Farmland becomes unusable

      • It is caused with the burning of fossil fuels and CFCs

      • Acid rain happens when pollutants that enter the air get into rain

    • Desertification 

      • Irrigation of land is key to keeping the land fertile

      • A cause of desertification is overgrazing

      • This is where fertile land is overused and becomes a desert

    • Global Warming

      • Floods can become a problem is the temperature rises too much

        • The glaciers will melt

      • The Earth’s temperature rises here

      • This is caused by the greenhouse effect

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