Chapter 1 

It is Rudi's birthday today and he receives a video camera as his present, at first his friend Steven seems as though he is not interested. In this chapter Rudi also reveals that he fancies Lize. He describes Lize as very beautiful with black hair and that she has a smile like Paris Hilton. At the end of the chapter Lize allows Rudi to take a photo of her and Steven is Jealous.

Chapter 2 

In this chapter we discover that Rudi has had all three treats for his birthday as well as milk tart and koeksisters. He also says that he plays the position of wing in Rugby. He then send a text to Lize asking what she thought was wrong with Steven, she replies by saying that Steven is just jealous. Rudi thinks that Lize is right because Steven's dad is poor and he didn't get as good of presents as he did. Before the end we also find out that Lize likes men who don't abide by the rules and that she doesn't like rugby heroes.

Chapter 3

Steven goes to Rudi's house, he then asks where Riana is (Rudi's sister). Steven proposes to make a video of them giving Riana a fright by the fish pond. He plans to give Riana a fright with fireworks. He thinks that Steven is trying to impress Riana.

Chapter 4

Rudi thinks that Steven's plan is bad and Riana will not find it funny. Steven counter-acts by saying that she will when it is all over because she has a good sense of humor. Steven plans to film the video and post it on YouTube to become famous. Steven then talks Rudi into doing it for revenge after Riana got into his FaceBook page and changed all his information.

Chapter 5

(We see the first hints of Steve liking Riana) Stevens plan is as follows...

  1. Rudi will go behind the creepers, where he can see Riana, but she can't see him.
  2. Rudi turns the camera on and starts recording
  3. Steven will creep behind Riana without being seen.
  4. By the herb garden he must be extra careful
  5. By the rose bushes he is extremely careful
  6. By the fish pond Steven lights the firecrackers
  7. He then throws the crackers to where Riana sits.
  8. Riana gets a fright
  9. Riana flays her arms around
  10. She jumps up
  11. They post the videos on YouTube

Afrikaans Version

  1. Rudi kruip agter the rankplate weg. Hy kan sien alles dat Riana doen.
  2. Rudi skakel die kamera aan en neem alles af.
  3. Steven sluip skelm deur die tuin.
  4. By die kruietuin is hy baie versigtig
  5. By die roosbome is hy ekstra versigtig.
  6. By die visdam se riete steek Steven die klappers aan.
  7. Hy slinger die klappers
  8. Riana skrik
  9. Riana maak 'n paar snaakse met haar arms
  10. Dalk spring sy op en af
  11. Hulle sit die video op YouTube 

The mission doesn't go to plan and the fireworks end up getting stuck on Steven's watch. Steven ends up being the joke and he falls in the dam while Riana is laughing.

Here is a tool to learn the vocabulary from chapter 1 to 5.

Here is tool to learn the vocabulary from chapters 1-10.