Important definitions in the chapter.


Undernourished = it is when a person does not have enough food or nutrition for healthy body.

Adequate food = it is when a person has a sufficient amount of food and the food is of good quality to live a healthy life.


Food security.


What is food security?

Food security is when everyone in a society has a permanent access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to have a healthy life.

 There are three main types of goals to achieve food security 

  • Food availability. (Enough food must always be available)
  • Food access.  (Is when people can afford to buy the food, or people must be able to obtain enough food from the land and sea)
  • Food use (having the knowledge about preparing nutritious food and the knowledge of hygiene)

Food insecurity. 


It exists when 1. People are undernourished because they don’t have availability of food 2. People cant access adequate food because of economic or social reasons. 3. when people don’t prepare proper meals because they are uneducated about the hygiene and nutrition of food)


Examples of food security in South Africa and other areas in Africa.


South African children are being thought about the benefits of vegetables in meals and they are learning skills that will help them in creating their own gardens where they can plant vegetables. 


In rural areas in Africa woman are responsible for food security in their community. They grow food in gardens and then sell them to the rest of the community they also farm enough food to provide for their families. 


Global food security. 


The more economically developed countries (MEDs) have food security while the less economically developed countries (LEDs) have food insecurity.


  • An estimated 2000 million people lack food security 
  • One third of the worlds hungry and food insecure people live in Africa 
  • One child dies every six seconds from hunger-related causes.